Olivet College CARES: Weekly Update (5/06/2022)

On Friday of each week, the Pandemic Response Team will provide the College community with an update on current active COVID-19 cases and masking expectations for the following week.

Case Data

Currently, there are 0 individuals (student, faculty, or staff member) who are in isolation due to an active COVID-19 infection. Currently, 2 individuals have been identified as a close contact and are monitoring symptoms. The College will continue to perform contact tracing to notify individuals who have been deemed as a close contact with a COVID-19 positive individual. 


Masking Expectation

With the continued decline in COVID-19 cases and new state and federal guidance, masking is optional in all public campus settings, with the following two exceptions:


                  1. Any faculty member may still require masking during their class/instruction time.

                  2. All employees may still require masking in their private workspace.

OC CARES COVID-19 Guidelines Breach Concern Reporting

For: Student Link: (Login Required)

Click Here - Select 'Complaint Area' -> 'Pandemic Response Concern' from the drop down


For: Employee Link: (Login Required)

Click Here



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