Olivet College CARES: Weekly Update (1/21/2022)

On Friday of each week, the Pandemic Response Team will provide the College community with an update on current active COVID-19 cases and masking expectations for the following week.

Case Data

Currently, there are 11 individuals (students, faculty, or staff members) who are in isolation due to an active COVID-19 infection. Through campus contact tracing efforts, 9 individuals are in quarantine, and 19 fully vaccinated individuals have been identified as close contacts. The College will continue to perform contact tracing to notify individuals who have been deemed as a close contact with a COVID-19 positive individual. If notified as a close contact, you will be required to quarantine as appropriate per CDC guidelines.


Masking Expectation

Currently Eaton County has HIGH LEVELS OF COMMUNITY TRANSMISSION. Masking is required for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors in all indoor public spaces, regardless of vaccination status. Below are examples of when a mask must be worn. When in doubt, please ask or put on a mask.

Thank you for being understanding, kind, flexible and patient with the current masking requirement. By wearing a mask, you demonstrate what it means to be individually and socially responsible. It is our hope that masks will not be necessary long-term. Future masking expectations will be updated in alignment with the CDC, MDHHS and BEDHD guidelines.


     Mask Required

  • Residence Hall - common areas, including lobbies, game rooms, computer lounges, laundry rooms and hallways
  • All buildings - classrooms and labs, reception areas, lobbies, hallways and stairwells
  • Burrage Library and Roznowski Learning Commons
  • Kirk Center and Starbucks Cafe - when not seated or eating and drinking
  • Indoor social/student engagement events
  • Public meeting or event when 6-feet physical distancing is not possible to maintain

                               Mask Not Required

  • Private living space when alone, with a roommate or friends.
  • When eating or drinking
  • In a private office or meeting space where 6-feet physical distancing can be maintained, and all parties agree to no masking
  • Outdoors
  • When engaging in physical activity or exercise

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