Office of Residence Life Purpose


The Office of Residence Life seeks to assist in the development of the total person and recognizes residence hall living as an integral part of the student’s educational process.  Residence hall living at Olivet creates the opportunity for students to feel a sense of belonging, acquire new skills and experiences, gain self-responsibility, and integrate knowledge obtained both inside and outside the classroom.  Residence Life staff will work to support students in their personal growth, and to challenge students to successfully achieve their academic goals.



Office of Residence Life Mission Statement


To strive for holistic student development in an inclusive, educational, living-learning community.




Office of Residence Life Goals


The following goals were developed to support the Purpose and Mission of the Office of Residence Life:


Goal 1: To create an environment that is safe, comfortable, and conducive to a complete education.


Goal 2: To create a staff that is diverse, well-trained, enthusiastic, and team-oriented.


Goal 3: To provide a sense of belonging and community within the residence halls.


Goal 4: To create an educational experience for all residents outside of the classroom.


Goal 5: To foster the personal growth and development of individual students.


Goal 6: To create an environment where individual differences are appreciated and celebrated.


Goal 7: To teach and promote self-responsibility.


Goal 8: To provide involvement and community service opportunities within the residence halls.

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