Set UP a Multi-Part Event Registration Form (with or without fees) from Template

The multi-part event registration form template is only available for schools licensed to use EXi Events Management.

The multi-part event registration form is associated with a multi-part event created in EXi Events and can be used to allow users to register for the multi-part event and its sub-events. This form can also be set up to collect payments for the event’s registration fees.

Use the steps below to create an event registration form for a multi-part event (with or without fees) where registration is defined at the sub-events. The registration form is based on the Jenzabar-provided template and automatically creates standard form tabs and questions relevant for a multi-part event. You can update, add, and remove tabs and questions as needed. 

The multi-part event registration template has been set up to allow participants to enter their email address in order to automatically populate existing contact information in EX/EXi to the corresponding form fields. If the participant is not in EX, they can enter their name and contact information in the form. Once the form is submitted, the individual is considered an event participant with the appropriate events. However, you can update the form created from the template to use other options for populating the fields.

The following elements need to be defined on the form and associated with an EXi Event mapping field to accurately manage an event participant’s event registration information:

·       Main event's EXi abbreviated name.

To utilize this form, the event abbreviated name element, which is hidden from event participants, must be updated with the appropriate EXi event abbreviation.

·       Email address for the invitee. If you anticipate participants who are not in EX to attend the event (e.g., on campus community event), you will need to define elements for the first and last name as well. 

·       For a main event where registration is defined for individual sub-events, a collection grid must be added. This collection grid is provided by default with the multi-part event registration form template. The collection grid must include the following fields in order to accurately manage fees based on the number of anticipated participants:

o     Event ID. The template pulls the Event ID and displays each sub-event via a drop-down.

o     Event fees if any are defined for individual sub-events. The Balance Calculator lets you calculate a total fee balance. 

o     Number of anticipated participants.


Step 1: Verify or Set Up the EXi Web Services Connection

Step 2: Verify or Set Up the EX Database Connection

Step 3: Select the Form Template

Step 4: Update Basic Event Registration Form Information

Step 5: Configure the Event Registration Form Settings

Step 6: Determine How the Event Registration Form Completion is Handled

Step 7: Set Up Access and Security Options

Step 8: Add the EXi Event Abbreviated Title

Step 9: Set Up Payment Profile (if needed)



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Additional Customizations

·       Add your school's logo or an image of your choice.

·       Update the instructions with general information or instructions you want to make available to invitees completing your event registration.

Work with Form Content

Add and Remove Tabs

Add and Remove Rows