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Your Right to Know

The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 and its amendments require Olivet College and similar higher education institutions to annually publicize important information to prospective students, current students, and employees. These disclosures must be displayed on the College’s web site with certain information by certain deadlines. Most information must be updated by October 15 of each year. The Intercollegiate Participation and Financial Support Report must be posted with the prior year’s information by October 15. Graduation rates must be posted by July 1 of each year. The College is allowed to correct errors at any time and to provide additional relevant data and interpretations.

The College is required by federal statute to notify prospective students, students, and employees of their right to know this information, the nature of that information, where it may be easily obtained (including the precise URL), and the College personnel who are routinely available to help them obtain this information from a federally-defined office of the institution. (The typical faculty member’s office is not an “office” in this sense).
The information on this site is provided here in good faith and in support of the integrity of Olivet College. A sample of the requirements for disclosures is available as a pdf from Information Required to be Disclosed. The disclosures below are also publicly available from the College's web site:

General Information about Olivet College

This is available in either of two places:

Olivet College Academic Catalog . Click this link to find information on accreditation, educational offerings, policies - including procedures for handling grade appeals and academic dishonesty, faculty, and facilities; student activities; career and job placement services; and student financial assistance and policies.

Olivet College Student Handbook . Click this link to find information on policies affecting students and College procedures for handling harassment. Information includes student housing and food services; vehicles and registration; academic policies and procedures; college employment of students; campus safety and wellness; organizations and athletics; general campus regulations; alcohol and drug compliance and judicial affairs.

Yearly Data about Olivet College

Annual reports for different areas may be viewed by clicking the underlined link in the Annual Public Documents section, below. Reports include: The Recent General Notification, which lists available information and who to contact for assistance in obtaining that information; The Annual Security Report, which contains health and safety information, policies, and statistics and the Annual Fire Report; The Enrollment report, which shares undergraduate enrollment and diversity statistics; The Graduation Rate report, with 150% graudation rates for various groups (including federal loan assistance status); Student Outcomes, which reports general employment and graduate study of recent graduates; The Athletic Program Participation and Financial Support report, with statistics for Olivet's intercollegiate athletics program; and the Teacher Preparation Program report with Title II information.