Student Services Feedback
1. I am: 
 2. Thinking about your last communication with Student Services, how did you contact the office?    
 3. If your last visit to Student Services was by telephone, did you encounter any difficulty contacting the office?
           YesNo    If Yes  Please indicate the reason for this difficulty.   
 4. If you have ever left a voicemail message for Student Services, was your call returned in a timely manner?
          Yes   No
 5. During your most recent in-person visit to Student Services, how long did you have to wait before speaking with a front counter service representative?
 6. Were you greeted in a polite and courteous manner? Yes   No
 7. Thinking about your last visit with Student Services, please rate the following aspects of your experience:
Quality of service provided
Level of knowledge and competency
  8. Why did you last contact Student Services? 
  9. Did you obtain the information you needed?   Yes   No
10. What time did you contact Student Services?
11. Student Services Forms are easy to complete.
12. What additional services would you like to see offered?
13. Would you like a Financial Aid Officer or Customer Service Specialist to contact you about your visit?  (Please provide contact information)

Yes   No       If yes - Contact me at

14. Additional Comments::